Our Mission

Why we help people Tableau

TableauHelp is a holistic data consultancy, visualization shop and solutions company founded by former Tableau employees and technology development partners. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of Tableau Software’s mission to help people see and understand their data, and we were founded to help people see and understand Tableau’s power. We enjoy every step of the process, especially when we can help people arrive at data driven insights faster than they thought possible. We wrangle, we warehouse, we analyze, and we visualize all forms of data. We coach, we train and we roadmap. We are independent partners free to try and use every product in today’s B.I. market, yet we continue to use Tableau as our flagship platform for it’s unmatched speed to value performance throughout the business intelligence journey.

TableauHelp was founded in 2015 with the intention of setting record times to value and eliminating barriers to entry by offering tailored Tableau services in a modern style. Though we have grown into a diverse team capable of solving complex data problems, our original interest in surprising people with our speed and ease of engagement still defines who we have become. Whether we are helping large enterprise companies with multi-year strategic visions or helping a small startup get their first suite of dashboards published, we leverage our speed to value strategy.

We frequently have the privilege of talking to long-time Tableau customers, numerous companies just getting started, those who are just now considering Tableau as an option, and a plethora of people who are simply data enthusiasts interested in the platform. We have developed a strong network of other Tableau partners and data specialists across the country, which has contributed to the success of our mission. We embrace the chance to talk to you about your data and we are driven by the opportunity to be a part of your journey.